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Making the Future a Reality
Making the Future a Reality

As our human population increases with scientific advances in medicine that cure disease and extend lives, science and technology must also advance to support our sustained prosperity and use of resources.

Stellix was formed around a vision of success on both fronts.


Our rich industrial history

With 60+ years of experience in life sciences and energy, and industrial manufacturing technologies, we are pragmatic accelerators of biotech R&D, manufacturing, and commercial scaleup.
What science and technology conceive — we make real

What science and technology conceive — we make real

Stellix companies work alongside the pioneers of new health, science, energy, and synthetic biology, helping them to realize their discoveries with our deep understanding of industry, technology, and Industry 5.0-driven digital transformation.

Digital and Industry 5.0

Digital and Industry 5.0

Industrial and biotech companies can experience profound process, product, and workforce benefits from new digital technologies. Augmented and virtual reality, AI, and Machine Learning will transform process development, manufacturing, and commercialization.

Transformation is challenging and many companies fail to get the best results or return on investment. The Stellix Group of companies is committed to driving outcome-focused technical solutions and delivering the services needed to ensure success.

Join our Team!

The Stellix Group is an employee-owned portfolio of companies with a common vision of a world where accessible science and technology improve human well-being and our environment.

In addition to competitive compensation, we offer company equity, flexibility, comprehensive health and wellness benefits, commitment to learning, unlimited vacation, and the opportunity to make a difference.

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