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ZAETHER Created to Accelerate Life Science Outcomes through Digital Enablement

July 20, 2022

Cambridge, MA — 20 July 2022 — Today John Seffernick, a 20-year veteran in life science operations and production management, announced the formation of ZÆTHER, a digital consultancy founded to help life science companies gain competitive advantage with better insight through digital technologies.

Seffernick will serve as Managing Director, with responsibilities for sales, services, partnerships, and the ZÆTHER consulting and solutions portfolio.

Most established life science companies see digital innovation as strategic, and newer companies in the space often see “digital” as a crucial element to their business plans. Yet, according to Seffernick, “Technologies used twenty years ago are still used today. The current generation of scientists and engineers expect better visibility and insight into their operations, efficiency, and production than what is available in most facilities. With focus, we can meet expectations and change lives in the process.”

The companies involved face intense expectations around speed, scale, and cost management in bringing their scientific innovations to market. Huge quantities of data and complexity across people, processes, and equipment create daily challenges that get in the way of business outcomes, and ZÆTHER has been founded to help with those challenges.

Mr. Seffernick and his colleagues at ZÆTHER have deep experience with digital approaches to more efficient development and release of drugs, having worked on the team that brought an mRNA Covid-19 vaccine to the world with digital platform principles as a key enabler.

“There are lives on the other side of these products”, said ZÆTHER board leader Jenn Azar, “and a ton of friction going from process to patient, and ZÆTHER’s core mission is to reduce that friction to improve and save lives.”


ZÆTHER ( is a digital consultant and outcomes provider for life science companies seeking scale, speed, and competitive advantage to get products to the world faster. ZÆTHER is working with digital leaders and executives at global life science companies to reimagine operations and manufacturing by building a digitally enabled enterprise.


Parties interested in working with or for ZÆTHER should go to to send a message of interest.

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