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Announcing Stellix Global Services

March 21, 2024

Tech-enabled transformation for life sciences and industrial companies

Stellix Global Services is proud to announce a re-brand as it enters a new chapter as a premier engineering services enabler of life science and industry transformation. The move signifies a commitment to helping biotech and industrial operations and technology teams achieve breakthrough performance and efficiency through advanced technologies and approaches. 

Unlocking Value 

In 2018, McKinsey identified $1 trillion of potential value that industrial companies can capture by deploying tech-enabled transformation. Digital technologies and approaches such as cloud computing and analytics, internet-based management of machines and sensors, and artificial intelligence and machine learning are all enablers of what is known as Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 enhances productivity by making machines smarter, while Industry 5.0 enables humans to collaborate with technology to transform how we work and enable sustainable achievement of new science and business models. While technology will enable the transformative effects of Industry 4.0 and 5.0, a great deal of help will be needed for companies to realize the full benefits. The Stellix Global Services mission is to “make industry transformation real” by supporting the implementation and adoption of technology and transformative ways of working.  

Comprehensive Approach 

The Stellix Global Services team has expertise in technology on the operating technology (OT) level where physical machines are automated in labs and factories, as well as the information technology (IT) level where information is combined and used to drive a company’s business decisions and outcomes. Few service providers excel in both OT and IT domains, and it is well-known that connecting them together across people and process is core to achieving new levels of performance and innovation.  

The team collaborates with companies across life sciences, energy, chemical, and other industries, all of whom are at diverse levels of technology maturity, with the goal of providing the right technology and services needed to support the client’s specific short and long-term strategies. 

Continuity and opportunity for existing customers 

Formerly branded as part of the services organization under NECI, Stellix Global Services will continue to provide services to NECI’s customers under the new arrangement, with the same commercial engagement relationships. With this change NECI and Stellix Global services will become sister companies. Both will report into a newly named holding company, Stellix, with a shared mission of helping customers in life sciences, energy, and industrial manufacturing to develop and manufacture their offerings more efficiently through technology and service. 

"We innovate on technology and services that give our clients the advantage they need while allowing them to stay laser-focused on their own innovations," said Jenn Azar, President of NECI and CEO of Stellix. "Our team will do whatever it takes to help them meet business goals and bring their contributions to the world.” 

Making collaboration and innovation real 

The group has recently moved into a newly renovated global headquarters in Foxborough, MA. The conveniently located facility will serve as a life sciences and industrial hub where Stellix and its four constituent brands will come together with customers and partners to innovate and develop industry solutions to address shared challenges. Designed to foster creativity and collaboration, the facility features a customer experience center, a training center, state-of-the-art labs, and employee and customer project spaces where breakthrough thoughts and ideas can be shared. 

For more information about the company and its services, visit Stellix Global Services.